Monday, March 15, 2010

Car Damage!

Last night, a guy knocked on Shelley's door to tell her he had wrecked into a car outside her house. Lucky us, it was our car. Of course, the odds were against us. While everyone else had 1 car outside, Heber and I had both our cars outside, so I learned this much in Statistics, we were at a higher probability of being hit! Now the fact that he wrecked into our new car (that we owe money on), was really just a fifty-fifty probability. Like the flip of the coin. Yeah, that stinks.

The guy who did it was curiously kind to come tell us, especially since he was drunk. He was arrested, and after being bailed out, he came over and apologized! We really appreciated his honesty because we really would've been in trouble. Of course, his car was suspiciously all over the place too. Now, we just hope that we are told that the car is totaled, so we don't have to deal with driving a "once wrecked" car! (He does have insurance--great relief). And we hope we will be given enough money to get us something equally as nice to drive. That was our security car! Hmmm, we will trust in the Lord. We have been doing our best to live right, so hopefully, everything will work out. We'll post pix when we have some. Say a "little" prayer for us if you would! We are especially thankful that no one was hurt. It sure shook Chantel up just hearing about it. Thanks, everyone.


Jessica said...

That is just weird! Really! The odds of that happening in the first place. Sorry that happened to you guys. We will definitely say a prayer for you that this works out as smoothly as possible.

DAD said...

Sorry Jen! Live is crazy. The good thing is you have a home to live in and food to eat. That is more than 75% of the people on this planet! (SPeaking of Statistics!)