Sunday, June 22, 2008

Graduation Time, Come On! Let's Celebrate!

Hi Everyone!

He did it! He did it!  Yeah! Heber just graduated from BYU with a degree in Computer Science!  Whoopee!  He also had a minor in Psychology---he chose some tough curriculum for himself, and he did it!  He graduated.  We are very proud of him at the Sheffield house.  He did a great job.  I sure love him! Thank you to all for you love, prayers and support!  
One other exciting thing is he bought "Me" a  graduation gift!  Well, we are both sharing it, but he bought us a new Apple desktop--pretty darn nice!  
So Heber starts work full-time tomorrow for a company in Salt Lake.  It is called Applied Signal Technology.  He will be doing more computer programming.  I have also been looking for jobs.  I have this boutique (for more info, go to I am working on for Saturday, but other than that, I am looking for work...  We will see what happens.  Thanks to all.  By the way, both Heber and I will be walking for our graduations in August.  I decided to wait and walk with him, even though I graduated last December!

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Hilterbrand Family said...

So neat Jenni...I'm so proud of both of you. You two are just so awesome. Congrats! LOve you lots. barb