Friday, June 27, 2008

AST 2008 3v3 Basketball Champion :)

I just started work at a company called Applied Signal Technology, and started just in participate in their annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament
We played the tournament outside in the HOT sun, and I got a bit too much sun..
But it was well worth it, as our team won first place and each team member got one of these high-quality trophies:

It really was a lot of fun to play some basketball at work... and I even got to hit the winning shot in the last game :)


Anonymous said...

Go Heber Go...! We knew you were a champ. Auntie Arlene

Hilterbrand Family said...

I didn't know you even liked the game!! I think Jenni got the perfect man! YOU two match in talent and depth. I love reading your blog! barb

Anonymous said...

Your the man Hebbie, jared

Opa & Grammy said...

Way to go, son! It's nice you and your fellow workers were able to have a great time playing basketball. The trophies look mighty impressive. Love ya tons, mom