Sunday, February 24, 2008

Doing Great!

Heber and Jenni are doing wonderful. We love married life and each other. It is really nice to have your best friend forever--literally! I had a good cry into Heber's lap the other day (just having a bad day), and I realized that having someone to cry to is a first for me. I usually just find a corner. I really love Heber. He is so good to me. He helps me cook and clean and fixes up stuff all over the house. And don't be telling me it will stop because his Dad still does it! Anyway, I am working at getting an art business going, and Heber is finishing up school. He will graduate now in June (cross your fingers). We are doing very well! Jenni


Jessica said...

I'm so glad you're loving married life. You will find it even gets better, if you can even imagine that. I'm excited for you.

Hilterbrand Family said...

Jenni...YOu deserve this kind of man. I am very very happy for you. I still love being married to my best friend who lets me cry it out and HELPS ME, too. bb

Anonymous said...

Ain't life grand? Thanks for posting, I thought maybe you had just slipped away into wedded bliss and forgot about all of us....Arlene

nickel said...

How fun to find you! Its me Sister Roundy (but now Snavely) from the mission! Congratulations on your marriage! You look very VERY beautiful!

I am curious about your art business? I have very little art talent myself but I love learning and enjoying others! What media do you use and what sort of biz are you developing?