Sunday, January 27, 2008

For Jeane

Well, these aren't pictures of NEW things, but they are previously unpublished :)
The first is showing off Jenni's BEAUTIFUL dress that beautiful Bev made, and the next 3 are desktop backgrounds that you may download (compliments of Heber ;)
- Heber


Hilterbrand Family said...

I LOVE these picture of Jen Jen.thank you!

I esp like the one of her peaking over those purple flowers. She looks like she's saying.."You caught me being in love!"

You're cool, Heber. Keep blogging!

Hey...I like you twos illustrations for Story time Felts! I studied each one! what an imagination!

hugs. bb

Anonymous said...

So wonder the both of you keep giggling...ain't love grand? Thanks for posting...Auntie Arlene

Jeanne said...

Thank you Heber. What a beautiful bride you have!! Hope all is going well.

jana said...

Jenni, You look so beautiful, I am so glad you are happy. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

Jenni and Heber... I love, love, the photos! So glad you posted these lovely photos!!

I'm glad you guys are loving married life.