Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Pictures

Mom and Mariah! We sure love each other. I love Mariah's company and great personality. She loves to be involved in whatever we are doing and to play along. And she always wants both parents to participate!Isn't she precious?Mariah loves, "Daddy"! He loves getting down and playing with her after work! I appreciate the time to wrap up dinner!Our little Winter Princess!Our happy family in 2010. We happily await a baby boy to join us in March!


Lewis Family said...

Hey congrats on the little guy in the oven, and it looks like I am about 2 years late on the congrats for your first, but congratulations anyway, and if you are wondering who this random weird freak is commenting on your blog you probably know me as "Jeanne's little sister," so now you can add me before you private : )

Jenni said...

Thank Susie! Hope you are well. Do you have any kiddos?