Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heber's iPhone Game: Invisible Links

For the last several months, Heber has been programming a game for the iPhone (or iPod Touch). It is called Invisible Links and is a blind golf game, basically. This is a totally new programming language for Heber (think of it as learning a foreign language--it's that intense), but he is very self motivated to learn new things. I frequently find him listening to tutorials and lectures that teach him new things online. Did you know how creative a programmer is? They have to start at the very beginning, creating an efficient program that works from scratch. Heber is very good at software programming. iPhone development is the third programming language he has learned. Anyway, we are excited because the game has been turned into the Apple site and is being reviewed now. It will soon be posted on the App store. We hope to get some pretty income from this game. You can learn all about it at the following blog site: http://polishedplay.blogspot.com/Thanks for looking and maybe praying we can make some money too : ). Heber did the programming work of a full team on this game. He had no help but personal study! His friend Lance did all the artwork, graphics and is way talented as well.


Rachel said...

wow...that is really cool! i wish i was that smart!

Anonymous said...

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