Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mariah is getting Bigger! and Cuter, Believe it or Not!

These are actually Chantel's "Oobie's," but I think they are soooooo cute.  I want some for Mariah.   Grandpa Bud bought this cute outfit for our baby girl.  Doesn't she look cute?

Mariah is so pleasant--such a good baby.  She has started smiling a lot and laughing a little.  She is a very good baby. We love her soooooo much!  She also has this habit of sucking on her hand and choking on her fingers....

I don't know why but this picture reminds me of gangster Mariah.  I just love this little yellow hat.  It is so warm and soft.  These are also my fav pj's.   The tag says they are flame resistant.  Isn't Mariah cute?

We know when Mariah sleeps with her arms up like that she is truly out and will sleep for a few hours.  I love just having her sleep all over the house.  I like her presence!

This is my cute, pouty face.  Just this morning I was playing with Mariah, nibbling on her arm, and I guess I bit too hard because we got the pouty fact that could've turned into a cry.  But it was soooo cute!

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GayLynn said...

That's how our Jonah loves to sleep too...sprawled out with his arms up over his head! It's so cute!