Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why I am excited about being pregnant, today.

Because our kids could be this cute!  This is a picture of Heber (and Sarah, his sis) when he was a little boy.  I am so excited that our kids could be this cute.  I don't have any pix of him younger, but let me just say, he has been cute for a long time!  I still think he is simply handsome.  I really think Grandma Adah helped me find him because I think Heber looks a lot like her son...Thanks Grandma.  So who are you sending February 11th?  I am about half-way there in my pregnancy btw.....SMILE.


Hilterbrand Family said...

Agreed! That is one darn cute little red headed boy. Surely you two will have a red head! So awesome if you could! We are way excited for you Jenni! Isn't if fun to get fat!

Aunt Barb

Rachel said...

Heber you are just adorable...Auburn hair, blue eyes!! You guys will defiantly have adorable children.