Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Date

Hello Out There!

Heber and I just returned from our hot date. We started by going to Los Hermanos and eating some semi-mexican food. Heber got his usual Smothered Burrito, and I tried something new--Chile Relano (sorry if that is spelled wrong--I'm more of a French speaker and a Spanish eater). I liked everything except the batter it was cooked in- it was soggy! Next, we went to the Dollar Store to kill sometime. We found all the things we didn't know we needed, including a big fat eighties belt for me. Finally, we went to the new movie, Emma Smith. It was excellent. We really liked seeing and learning more of her story. What trials. My life is way easy compared to hers. Everyone should see it. It really is a good, uplifting movie.
Now we are back home, and I thought we would post some pictures! We are still happy and married!

Jenni and Heber

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Anonymous said...

You two look so good together! I want to see that movie, for sure!

Good to hear from you. Auntie BB