Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heber and Jenni Do Art Together

So I got an art job from Rachelle "Jolley" recently. The only problem is she assumed I could do cartoons "since I'm an artist," and I can't really. So I was stressing it and the whole time, Heber is feeling pretty green. He knows all along that he can do cartoons, and it is just killing him to not jump in. I am not ready for him to take my job away. I've been going to school for 6 years to get art jobs. So after I swallowed my pride a little, I said he could draw them and I would paint them. And we make a good pair. If we do this job right, they will hire us for 11 more jobs, one for each month. It is all for a felt story telling company. This story Rachelle wrote. It is called, "Ant's Happy New Year." We'll tell you when it's out, so you can buy some copies! Heber is a very talented cartoonist.


Hilterbrand Family said...

I know about that felt company. Rachelle is a biggie in it.

That's a pretty mature relationship for you to be able to recognize each other's strengths and then work as a team! In fact it's a very good sign!

It' okay to help each a team...that' funner anyway!


love you Jen Jen.

Rachel said...

Wow...that is way cool. You guys have great talent it is so neat you can help each other out!! And you can do it together.